The Last of Us cover

The Last Of Us Cross Country Road Trip

The Last of Us is a video game that takes place in a world after an airborne spore has been released which turns its host into zombies. The story takes place twenty years after the outbreak first occurred. The Last of us follows Joel, a man who lost his daughter in the outbreak and has now become a smuggler in this new world, and Ellie, a fourteen year old girl who might just be the key to figuring out a cure to this disease.

The game takes place over a year as Joel tries to safely escort Ellie to a group that might be able to find a cure. During this year the two of them travel cross-country. This page will map out their travel and some of the events that happen along the way.

Joel’s journey starts in Austin, Texas. This is where Joel and his daughter, Sarah, live before the outbreak happens.

Joel and Sarah

Austin, TX

Austin TX

The game starts the night of the first breakout. When things start to go crazy in the city, Joel and his brother, Tommy, try their best to get Sarah and themselves out. After driving through the panicked streets and running into a few infected, the three get into a car crash that causes Tommy gets separated from Joel and Sarah. As Joel is trying to escape while carrying an injured Sarah, the two run into a solder that is trying to contain the infection. Joel tries to tell him that they are not infected but the solder does not believe him and ends up shooting Sarah. Joel is only saved because Tommy intervenes but not before it’s to late for Sarah.

Joel holding Sarah after she has died

Boston, MA

Boston MA

Chapter one starts twenty years after the Prologue. In those twenty years Joel has moved to Boston. We find out that Boston is a “safe zone” under the watch of the military. We also find out that Joel has been working as a smuggler for the people in the city. It is in Boston that Joel and his friend, Tess get a special job. When the duo gets to the meeting place they find out that the person who hired them is Marlene, who is the head of a group called the Fireflies. The Fireflies are a group of revolutionaries. The Fireflies are not well liked by most people; because of this Joel and Tess are not happy to see Marlene. Marlene explains that she needs someone to take something out of the city and is willing to double the price that was original set. Joel and Tess agree and here is where they meet Ellie, The package.

Joel and Tess meet Ellie

After some debate Joel and Tess agree to smuggle Ellie out of the city to a different Firefly camp. Along the way the military stops them. The military scans them to see if they are infected and here is when it is reveled Ellie is infected. Because of this, Ellie panics and stabs the man before she is scanned cause the military to call for back up once they lose the trio. Once they escape Ellie revels that she was bit but is not infected and therefor might be the cure. Joel and Tess realize that this is a huge discovery and make it their priority to get Ellie to the fireflies unharmed.

Ellie's bite

The group finally makes it to the drop off point, the capital, only to find out that the Fireflies that they were suppose to meet there have been killed. Out of idea and now surrounded by the military, Tess tell Joel to take Ellie to his brother, Tommy’s because he use to be a Firefly. Tess tells Joel that she will not be coming because she was is going to distract the military to buy Joel and Ellie time to escape. Joel protest because he knows Tess will die in the fight. Tess then revels that she was bite and it going to die anyways. Reluctantly Joel lets Tess stay. The three say their goodbye and Joel and Ellie head off to Lincoln, MA as Tess blows up the capital building killing herself and some of the military who would have been pursuing Joel and Ellie.

Tess's bite

Lincoln, MA

Lincoln MA

After the loss of Tess, Joel and Ellie have a sober conversation where Joel explains that they will not talk about Tess or either of their pasts. Joel also tells Ellie that if she wants to live she will do whatever he says when he says it. Joel explains that Tommy lives very far away and that they are in Lincoln because Joel has a friend that owes him a favor and they need a car. It is here they meet up with Bill. After collecting some parts and discussing some personal issues with Bill, Joel and Ellie leave Lincoln with a car.

Ellie flicking off Bill